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VERDICT: Astonishing in breadth and depth, the content in this formidable file, as well as the research material included in every one of the scholarly editions available, is superb throughout.

—Cheryl LaGuardia
Library Journal, June 2015

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NEW! All Past Masters institutional customers can now access additional texts of major historical significance, at no additional cost, alongside their Past Masters collections.

The new Past Masters Commons makes available a growing series of important texts and translations in the history of philosophy and thought. Past Masters Commons will gradually build an unparalleled body of material - provided free of charge to all institutional customers who access any premium collection on the Past Masters platform.

InteLex Corporation, founded in 1989, is a pioneer in humanities electronic publishing. The company's initial releases in philosophy were published on 360k floppy disks. InteLex moved to 720k disks, then 1.44 Mb disks, then to CD-ROM, and finally in 1996 to the Internet. Now InteLex publishes exclusively for web access. InteLex publishes in both TEI-conformant (Text Encoding Initiative) XML and full-text searchable image formats, using an enhanced version of the open source XTF platform developed by the California Digital Library.

InteLex Corporation’s Past Masters series encompasses the largest collection of primary source full-text electronic editions in philosophy in the world. The series includes significant collections in the history of political thought and theory, religious studies, education, German studies, sociology, the history and philosophy of science, economics, and classics. InteLex acquires and develops definitive editions of the full corpora of the seminal figures in the history of the human sciences, including published and unpublished works, articles, essays, reviews, and correspondence. The Past Masters series has opened a new and exciting chapter in the history of scholarly research, and is now being utilized at over 200 research libraries in North America and Europe, and at over 1300 institutions in 50 countries worldwide. InteLex publishes collections in English and English translation, German, French, Latin, Danish, Spanish, Italian, and Russian.

In addition to Past Masters: Collected Works, InteLex publishes The English Letters Collection, The Women Writers Collection, and the Pickering & Chatto Women's Studies Collection. The English Letters Collection consists of the letters or correspondence and in some cases the notebooks, diaries, and memoirs of the most significant figures in the history of English literature, politics, culture, religion and the arts. The Women Writers Collection consists of primary works, letters, journals and notebooks from important women writers in the English language. The Pickering & Chatto Women's Studies Collection has a well-deserved reputation both for its unique extent and quality.

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