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PITHY QUOTE FROM Peirce: Collected Papers

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What concern have we with the universe, or with the course of ages? No more than my dog has in the book I am writing.

The Collected Papers of Charles Sanders Peirce. Volume 1: Principles of Philosophy, Book 2: Classification of the Sciences. Chapter 2: A Detailed Classification of the Sciences

The Collected Papers of Charles Sanders Peirce. Electronic Edition. book cover

The Collected Papers of Charles Sanders Peirce. Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-185-8

Language: English

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Charles Sanders Peirce

List of Contents

Peirce, Charles Sanders. Collected papers. Vols. 1-6 edited by Charles Hartshorne and Paul Weiss; vols. 7-8 edited by A. W. Burks. Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1958-1966.

  • Vol. 1: Principles of Philosophy

    • Book 1: General Historical Orientation
    • Book 2: Classification Of The Sciences
    • Book 3: Phenomenology
    • Book 4: The Normative Sciences
  • Vol. 2: Elements of Logic

    • Book 1: General And Historical Survey Of Logic
    • Book 2: Speculative Grammar
    • Book 3: Critical Logic
  • Vol. 3: Exact Logic

    • Previously Published Papers
  • Vol. 4: The Simplest Mathematics

    • Book 1: Logic And Mathematics (Unpublished Papers)
    • Book 2: Existential Graphs
    • Book 3: The Amazing Mazes
  • Vol. 5: Pragmatism and Pragmaticism

    • Book 1: Lectures On Pragmatism
    • Book 2: Published Papers
    • Book 3: Unpublished Papers
  • Vol. 6: Scientific Metaphysics

    • Book 1: Ontology And Cosmology
    • Book 2: Religion
  • Vol. 7: Science and Philosophy

    • Book 1: Experimental Science
    • Book 2: Scientific Method
    • Book 3: Philosophy Of Mind
  • Vol. 8: Reviews, Correspondence, and Bibliography

    • Book 1: Reviews
    • Book 2: Correspondence


Although a new edition of Peirce is appearing through Indiana University Press, the Hartshorne and Weiss, and Burks edition remains the most comprehensive survey of the work of Peirce.

Introduction to the electronic edition, covering the period 1866–1913, “Membra Ficte Disjecta (A Disordered Array of Severed Limbs)”, by John Deely. Electronic edition edited by John Deely.

To anyone wanting to explore the thoughts of Peirce, this . . . is a godsend. There are many rich diagrams in the text . . . and they appear on the screen effortlessly.

—Professor Paul Ernest
University of Exeter
Book Review in Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal