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THE MASSE IS IDOLATRIE. All wirschipping, honoring, or service inventit by the braine of man in the religioun of God, without his own express commandment, is Idolatrie: The Masse is inventit be the braine of man, without any commandement of God: Thairfoir it is Idolatrie.

The Works of John Knox. Volume 3, A Vindication of the Doctrine That The Sacrifice of the Mass Is Idolatry. M.D.L.

The Works of John Knox. Electronic Edition. book cover

The Works of John Knox. Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-237-4

Language: English

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John Knox. Wood engraving on paper, by Adrian Vanson

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The Works of John Knox is the standard edition of Knox's works.

Knox, John. The works of John Knox. Collected and edited by David Laing. 6 vols. Edinburgh: J. Thin, 1895.

An easy-to-learn and -use but extremely powerful scholarly tool. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to do serious work.

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