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PITHY QUOTE FROM Hobbes: English Works

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The greatest and main abuse of Scripture, and to which almost all the rest are either consequent or subservient, is the wresting of it, to prove that the kingdom of God, mentioned so often in the Scripture, is the present Church. . . .

The English Works of Thomas Hobbes. Leviathan, Chapter 44, "Of Spiritual Darkness, from Misinterpretation of Scripture"

The English Works of Thomas Hobbes book cover

The English Works of Thomas Hobbes

ISBN: 978-1-57085-660-0

Language: English

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Thomas Hobbes. By John Michael Wright. Oil on canvas, circa 1669-1670

List of Contents

Hobbes, Thomas. The English Works of Thomas Hobbes. Compiled and edited by Mark C. Rooks. Charlottesville: InteLex Corporation, 1992.

  • De Cive
  • The Elements of Law
  • Leviathan
  • Elements of Philosophy (including De Corpore)
  • Answer to Bishop Bramhall
  • An Historical Narration Concering Heresy, And The Punishment Thereof
  • Considerations upon the Reputation, Loyalty, Manners, and Religion of Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury
  • Answer to Sir William Davenant's Preface before Gondibert
  • Letter to Edward Howard
  • Questions concerning Liberty, Necessity, and Chance
  • Dialogue between a Philosopher and a Student
  • Behemoth
  • The Whole Art of Rhetoric
  • The Art of Rhetoric
  • The Art of Sophistry
  • Seven Philosophical Problems
  • Decameron Physiologicum
  • Proportion of a Straight Line to Half the Arc of a Quadrant
  • Six Lessons to the Professors of the Mathematics, one of Geometry, the other of Astronomy, etc.
  • {STIGMAI}, or Marks of the Absurd Geometry, Rural Language, etc.
  • An Extract of a Letter Concerning the Grammatical Part of the Controversy Between Mr. Hobbes and Dr. Wallis.
  • Three Papers against Dr. Wallis
  • Considerations on the Answer of Dr. Wallis
  • Letters and other Pieces


De Cive and Leviathan are based on the 1651 editions, with variants from the Molesworth edition listed; The Elements of Law is a reproduction of the Ferdinand Tönnies edition. The remainder of the texts were drawn directly from the Molesworth edition, and were entered by staff and students of Dartmouth College. Work has begun on the complete Latin works of Hobbes.

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As for the [English Works of Thomas Hobbes]. . . it's just what I needed. . . . good notations of the corresponding pages in the Molesworth edition (which eliminates a ton of crosschecking at the end of a search process). . . . it will become indispensable as I progress in the dissertation process.

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