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PITHY QUOTE FROM Brontë: Letters

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(On being told that literature is not a woman's business) I trust I shall never more feel ambitious to see my name in print; if the wish should rise, I'll look at Southey's letter, and suppress it.

The Letters of Charlotte Brontë. To Robert Southey, 16 March 1837

The Letters of Charlotte Brontë book cover

The Letters of Charlotte Brontë

ISBN: 978-1-57085-563-4

Language: English

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Charlotte Brontë. Photograph, c. 1854. At the Haworth Brontë Museum

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Brontë, Charlotte. The Letters of Charlotte Brontë: with a selection of letters by family and friends. Edited by Margaret Smith. 2 vols. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 1995-2000.


Margaret Smith is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Research in the Humanities, University of Birmingham.

The second volume of "The Letters of Charlotte Brontë" is as magnificent a work as we might expect from Margaret Smith, the editor of the first . . . a richness of editorial commentary and reference that is always enlightening and gripping . . . the most complete collection of letters by and to the Brontës, and, without doubt, the definitive one. . . .

—Angela Leighton
The Times Literary Supplement