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PITHY QUOTE FROM Manley: Selected Works

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The Esquire heard her, and wondred what was the matter; he came twice to the Door, but she wou’d not let him in, but said she was up in her Shift and almost Mad with her Teeth. Well, to Bed he goes, and after a few more Labour-pains, she is Deliver’d all-alone by her self of a brave Boy. Lest he shou’d cry, she tore out his Bowels in the Birth.

The Selected Works of Delarivier Manley. The New Atalantis (1709). Volume I

The Selected Works of Delarivier Manley. book cover

The Selected Works of Delarivier Manley.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-066-0

Language: English

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Delarivier Manley

List of Contents

Manley, Delarivier. The Selected Works of Delarivier Manley. General editors, Rachel Carnell and Ruth Herman. Consulting editor, W. R. Owens. 5 vols. London: Pickering & Chatto, 2005.

  • Vol. 1. The Secret History of Queen Zarah (1705); Letters Writen by Mrs Manley (1696); Ladies Pacquet Broke Open (1707)
  • Vol. 2. The New Atalantis (1709)
  • Vol. 3. Memoirs of Europe (1710)
  • Vol. 4. Rivella (1714); The Power of Love (1720)
  • Vol. 5. The Pamphlets (1709–1713); The Examiner (1711); Almyna: or The Vow (1707); Lucius, the First Christian King of Britain (1717)

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