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Of the online vendors I deal with, you stand at the top for pragmatism, a sensible model, and responsiveness. Close quotes

—Joseph Jones
Librarian Emeritus
Koerner Library, University of British Columbia

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Below, find regularly updated links to current writing on the state of digital humanities. Click a month/year to see posts for that time period.

April 2017

CFP: Digital Pedagogy Institute 4th Annual Conference

Resource: Data Privacy Project

Job: Research Associate, Albert Johannsen Project

Editors’ Choice: Robots.txt

POST: New Technologies Challenging Author and Reader Roles

POST: Hosting the Digital Ramamala Library at Penn, or, Thinking About Open Licenses for Non-Western Digitized Manuscripts

POST: The History of Looking at Data Visualizations

RESOURCE: Data Privacy Project Learning Modules

RESOURCE: Perseids: Experimenting with Infrastructure for Creating and Sharing Research Data in the Digital Humanities

CFP: Current Research in Digital History 2018

CFP: 2017 LITA Forum

OPPORTUNITY: 2017-18 Communications Fellowships at ADHO

Resource: Georgia State Digital Scholarship Job Talk

Editors’ Choice: Books as Medicine

Job: Digital Processing Archivist

Job: Coordinator for Digital Archives and Records at University of Delaware

Job: Molloy College – Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities and New Media

Editors’ Choice: The Story of the Stuff

RESOURCE: “What Constitutes Peer Review of Data: A Survey of Published Peer Review Guidelines”

POST: DIAGRAM Center Provides Guidance on Accessible Images


February 2017

Free Access to the Women Writers Online for March

Review: “‘She Wrote It, But…’: Erasures, Recoveries, and the Futures of Women’s Book History,” November 2016 Symposium, Texas A&M

Announcing Structuring Equality: A Handbook for Student-Centered Learning and Teaching Practices

Affirming Core Values of HASTAC and the Futures Initiative

January 2017

UX2 Group #1

Database != Hyperlink

16. Revisiting the Pedagogy Project and Re-imagining Revision

Purpose of TEI Headers

DH Jobs: Getting Beyond the "Life Raft or Trendy Fad" Debate

Marine biology, astronomy, and the interconnected of the two areas

Danica Savonick Awarded AAC&U K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award

Small Radios, Big Televisions: Radical(!) Environmentalism with a Burst of '80s Nostalgia

Designing Playlists for Learning with DML 6 Grantees

NEH-Funded KairosCamp Institutes

Volunteer for the 2017 Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop!

XML- Importance & Applications


The Joy of Data!

Building LRNG Badges: Beyond Graphics

The Future of Education Is Now

HASTAC Reaches 15,000 Members

Practical guidance for any librarian learning to deal with data

Open Up

HASTAC's Potential - Intellectual Platform?

On Discovering HASTAC

Digital Community

December 2016

Sound Explorations: Developing Music Learning Playlists

Starting at the Source: Getting Teen Feedback Regarding Online Learning

Teaching Digital Computation?

October 2016

Mediate: Identifying the real bestsellers of the 18th century

September 2016

BSECS Prize for Best 18th-C. Digital Resource

Mapping Frances Burney’s Evelina

August 2016

WWP Intertextual Networks Seeking Collaborators

July 2016

Humanities Scholars Interested in Digital Publishing: A National Survey

New tutorials on network analysis with Cytoscape

June 2016

New book chapter

May 2016

NEH Digging into Data Challenge

April 2016

Materials on Image-Mining for Medical History

March 2016

Money and Time

December 2015

A better way to teach technical skills to a group

October 2015

Rehabbing DH101

September 2015

The (sort-of) selfies class

August 2015

What’s in your conference travel bag?

“Stronger and Whiter Light Down Deeper and Darker Holes”: Jacob Sarnoff and the Strange World of Anatomical Filmmaking

July 2015

What’s Next: The Radical, Unrealized Potential of Digital Humanities