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Of the online vendors I deal with, you stand at the top for pragmatism, a sensible model, and responsiveness. Close quotes

—Joseph Jones
Librarian Emeritus
Koerner Library, University of British Columbia

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Below, find regularly updated links to current writing on the state of digital humanities. Click a month/year to see posts for that time period.

April 2018

Job: Digital Publishing Librarian, Columbia

Job: Digital Scholarship Technologist, UMass Amherst

CFParticipation: Call for Associated Researchers to work on 19th – 21st century European historical newspapers

Editors’ Choice: Reviewing is an Act of Leadership

Editors’ Choice: Can We Do Better Than a 10 Year Gap in Knowledge (re: digital privacy, ethics, etc)?

POST: Search and Replace: Josephine Miles and the Origins of Distant Reading

POST: Reviewing is an Act of Leadership

RESOURCE: Digital Humanities and Academic Libraries: An Australasian Survey

JOB: Digital Publishing Librarian at Columbia University

JOB: Digital Technologies Librarian at Hamilton College

Job: Library Digital Strategist, WMU School of Medicine

Opportunity: UC Berkeley Digital Humanities Summer Program

Announcement: Manifold Scholarship Phase Two

Opportunity: ACH Paid Communications Internship

Editors’ Choice: Old Bailey Proceedings Part 1 – Offences

POST: Social Data Initiative

RESOURCE: Creating Web APIs with Python and Flask

OPPORTUNITY: Join the Wikimedia Foundation as an Open Web Fellow

CFP: Evidences, Implications, and Critical Interrogations of Neoliberalism in Information Studies

CFP: The Connected Past

POST: Evaluating Digital Humanities Beyond the Tenure Track Parts 1 and 2

February 2018

New is Now, Now is Then: Exploring Rob Feulner’s Analog Remix of Off the Air’s “NEWNOW” as a Case Study in Digital Aesthetics

January 2018

CCSWG18 Week 1 Write-Up: Gender + Programming Culture

Black Listed: What We Will Do on Day #1

“Culture First”: An Interview with Jentery Sayers

Cyborg University Studies: A new framework for critically evaluating university technological practice

A list of DH lists

Don't Skip a Step! Own Your Role as Moderator

Introducing the Critical Code Studies Working Group

Fantastic Places, Unhuman Humans: 4 Lessons from TAing Online

What I Wish I Knew When I Started Doing Active Learning

At the Intersection: Race and Comics at the Schomburg Black Comic Book Festival

How to Live Without Gadgets?

Putting the Humanities PhD to Work

Bibliography: blockchain and whisper networks

Getting Started on a Course Using Radical Pedagogy: #MLA18 Pres Plenary Follow Up

Empower people to take control of their personal digital information

A Collaborative Podcast Project

On the Significance of Connecting, in Face-to-Face Interactions and in Digital Spaces; An Interview with Dr. T. L. Taylor

Recap: MLA Presidential Plenary on States of Insecurity

Boundary Work and Digital Humanities: An Interview with Julie Thompson Klein

Generate an Annotated Bibliography with Zotero

Recap: A Tool Kit for Doctoral Student Career Planning

Open to the Public, Fri Jan 5, MLA Pres Plenary w Angela Davis, Anthony Romero (ACLU), Cathy Davidson, Juan Lopez Intzin, and Judith Butler

December 2017

"New Education" Errata, Regrets, and New Year's Resolutions: A Memoir of Mistakes and Corrections

2018 MLA HASTAC Happy Hour!

Scaling up DH101

November 2017

Data Packages for DH Beginners

July 2017

New job, same school! (Same office, even!)

February 2017

Free Access to the Women Writers Online for March

Review: “‘She Wrote It, But…’: Erasures, Recoveries, and the Futures of Women’s Book History,” November 2016 Symposium, Texas A&M

January 2017

NEH-Funded KairosCamp Institutes

December 2016

Teaching Digital Computation?

October 2016

Mediate: Identifying the real bestsellers of the 18th century

September 2016

BSECS Prize for Best 18th-C. Digital Resource

Mapping Frances Burney’s Evelina

August 2016

WWP Intertextual Networks Seeking Collaborators

July 2016

Humanities Scholars Interested in Digital Publishing: A National Survey

New tutorials on network analysis with Cytoscape

June 2016

New book chapter

May 2016

NEH Digging into Data Challenge

April 2016

Materials on Image-Mining for Medical History

March 2016

Money and Time

December 2015

A better way to teach technical skills to a group

October 2015

Rehabbing DH101

September 2015

The (sort-of) selfies class